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Wiltshire Farm Foods Reviews

Frozen Ready Meals Delivery.

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About Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Forms is a web-based company delivering frozen ready meals direct to customers in the United Kingdom. Delivery is free and is made from 75 local branches. Delivery has emphasis on customer service with van drivers local to the area who will put the foods directly in your freezer if asked.

Wiltshire Farm Foods has a menu of more than 300 meals including main courses and desserts, designed and developed in the headquarters’ kitchen. A whole range of dietary requirements are catered for making the meals a sound choice for the elderly, infirm, very young and those with digestion issues.

The company states that because each meal is frozen as soon as it is cooked, the standards of nutrition, flavour and quality are high. The quality and satisfaction is backed up with a guarantee that in the event a customer is not happy, the meals is replaced free of charge along with a complimentary meal of the customer’s choice.

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