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Cheap money transfers.

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About Transfergo

Slow money transfers have always been the bane of everyone's life, especially when money is required urgently by someone. People choose Transfergo because they don't want frustrations - they want a speedy service and the best exchange rate, and from a reliable and trustworthy company. With Transfergo you can make use of their services from any devices and also 24/7. Registered and licensed as a payment service provider, TransferGo is located in London and is the receiver of numerous awards for innovation and excellence such as a silver innovation prize in Japan in 2014 among many others.

Thousands of Customers Rely on Transfergo

The company boasts with more than 40,000 customers transferring money between 23 European countries and in their own currency. There are no transfer limits for each day and users can opt to have either a business- or personal account or even both. Users are able to make money transfers into a local TransferGo bank account whereafter Transfergo will make a payment into the recipients bank account.

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