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About Sockshop

sockshop.co.uk carry a large range of branded and patterned socks and tights. With products available for men, women and children, this online store stocks a variety of socks, from film-orientated pieces to novelty items. In all, sockshop.co.uk carry products belonging to more than 70, separate, well-known brands. In addition to selling products singly, this company also offers wholesale deals, of particular interest to retailers. As well as specializing in the sale of socks and tights, sockshop.co.uk also carry a number of other accessories, from hats and scarves to bags, wallets and slippers. This company provides free UK standard delivery on all of the items it carries. In all, sockshop.co.uk provide an extensive, all-encompassing shipping service. As well as delivering products to the majority of countries within the European Union, this online store also ships items to a host of other destinations, from South Africa and Singapore to Mongolia and Mexico.

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