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Premium Electronic Cigarettes

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About Smoko

Smoko.com offers access to premium electronic cigarette kits. Whether you are looking for a starter kit or specific items that you like using with e cigarettes, such as vapourisers, they have them available. You can order items for your personal use or order in wholesale quantities for resale.

They aim to act as a source of information for people who are just making the decision to try e cigarettes and offer a range of items so you can become familiar with all the items which are available. Live support is available on their site, so if you are looking for a specific item or have questions on how a device is used, you can get assistance.

Smoko.com provides information on their range of e liquids that you can use for vaping. All of their vaping concentrates are manufactured in the United Kingdom and can be purchased via their website. Discounts and vouchers are offered to customers who make purchases in specific quantities.

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