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About Skatehut

Skate Hut is a supplier of a range of wheeled, human-propelled devices, such as skateboards and roller-skates. They also sell all of the apparel and safety-equipment that you may require. Products are aimed at all age ranges, from kids to adults. Balance bikes and trikes can also be purchased for younger children.

From novices, to advanced riders, there are suitable boards and boots for all. Seasoned skateboarders can find the necessary tools to tweak the performance of their trucks and wheels. There are also replacement parts and spares.

Scooters are available for kids in entry-level and high-performance options. There is a range of customization products, from different wheels, frames, stickers and so on.

Thrill seekers and freestylers will find a selection of ramps, grind-rails and waxes to enhance their street-skating skills. There is also a section devoted to clothing and other attire, so you can look the part whether you choose to partake in any skating or not.

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