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Create Personalised Photo Gifts.

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About Printerpix

Printerpix is the UK's fastest growing retailer of customizable photographic products. An extensive range of items can be personalized with your choice of picture. Their range includes canvas prints, jigsaw puzzles, mugs, coasters and many more.

High quality is ensured be assembling products in the UK. This also expedites delivery. A buyer protection scheme is also in place to protect private payment details. A 30 year history in the print industry has given Printerpix the expertise to deliver fantastic products in a range of media.

A knowledgeable customer-service team will help you to get your images, printed as you want them, on the items you desire. Support is offered to help you with any confusing technical issues about resolution, file type, size and so on.

The customer feedback system features an innovative rating method based on the customer's perceived pros and cons. This drives Printerpix to an ever-increasing quality of product and service.

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