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Office supplies.

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About Netgiant

A new year brings new beginnings and for children starting school for the first time, students entering tertiary education and those starting a new job, NetGiant.com sells an enormous selection of stationery, audio and visual devices, tablets, computers, printers and even kitchen and home appliances to get you well set up for new beginnings. With NetGiant's award winning customer care team, selecting and ordering with NetGiant is simply easy peasy. With orders of 50 or more ex vat you benefit from free next-working day delivery.

Bigger Savings

NetGiant also offers business and education accounts, and this is pretty useful when you want to buy in bulk because they also offer flexible credit limits. With NetGiant, when you are at the checkout, you'll also have the option to join their mailing list and get access to lots of discount- and promotional vouchers that NetGiant will send to you on a regular basis to benefit from even bigger savings.

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