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prepaid travel cards and travel money cards.

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About My Travel Cash

There are so many benefits to using a card instead of cash because they're quicker, easier and safer. As a traveller, you can't afford to be carrying around wads of cash in your pocket. Pre-paid travel cards like the Euro-, US Dollar- and Multi-currency cards don't allow you to spend from your current account. Instead you load money onto the card according to how much you believe you need, and then use the card to spend money - very similar to using or debit- or credit card.

So Many Valuable Features

My Travel Cash cards come with useful and award winning features such as great exchange rates, they come equipped with chip and PIN protection, when abroad there are no ATM fees, you get 24/7 customer services and 1% cash-back on purchases. Simply order your card without the need for any credit checks and have your card delivered in just 2 or 3 days. The beauty of a card from My Travel Cash is that they are accepted world wide, and the best part when travelling is that you can reload them over and over again.

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