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About Lampshoponline

Before you invest in lighting for your home or business, think about the lighting technology you want. The most recent changes to the lighting industry revolve around Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs, and when it comes to lighting, LampshopOnline, with their huge inventory of bulbs and lamps, can solve every lighting aspect you require.

As lighting specialists in the UK, you'll find lighting from leading brands such as Philips, Venture, Osram, GE and others. You can always call their sales team if you want questions answered regarding lighting. Energy efficiency is always an important requirement and at LampShopOnline, you'll find a generous range of energy saving bulbs such as spiral bulbs, candle, GLS, strip lights, GU10s and more. LampshopOnline has been created to give customers an excellent shopping experience where bulbs, lamps, fluorescent tubes, control gear and much more can be ordered and shipped for utmost convenience.

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