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About Gezi.com

Gezi is an online resource for comparing hotel prices around the world. It is a price comparison website which brings trawls through all the best and most popular travel sites such as Expedia, Hotelopedia and others, and brings you the cheapest hotels for your destination. With this site, you have immediate access to more than 450,000 hotels worldwide.

Apart from price comparison, the site also provides information such as star rating, distance from tourist / business areas, type of hotel, and reviews in order to help you personalise your search better. You cannot book a hotel on Gezi. Once you have made a choice based on the information provided, you will be directed to the supplier website, from where you can make the booking.

Gezi can also be used to filter out popular restaurants. It has a section for price comparison of flights to different destinations as well. Basically, Gezi is the perfect travel companion for all types of travellers.

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