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About Evengreener

We are constantly being warned about the damage we are causing to our fragile planet earth and everyone concerned for its welfare should, in their own small way, be thinking about saving water and recycling waste. Evengreener.com wants to help people do this by being an affordable and trustworthy supplier of recycling containers and water conservation products. Some of these useful products include things like wheeled bins, food waste bins or composters. One of their 'best sellers' is their Water Butts.

Collect Precious Rain Water

More than 85,000 litres of rain falls on your roof every year, and with these sturdy rain harvesting tanks in a variety of different sizes, and made from recycled materials, you can collect rain water to use in many different ways. These products all comes from leading brands as well such as Rainsaver, Cloudburst and Harcostar among others. The earth is in trouble, and now you have so many good reasons to take action staring you in the face with Evengreener's sterling erfforts, products and services.

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