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About Essential Travel

Cover Yourself from Nasty Surprises when You're Far from Home

There are so many exciting places to be explored and a full spectrum of activities and events to be relished. Without travel insurance in place, a wonderful getaway can go from magic into misery in the blink of an eyelid. EssentialTravel.co.uk makes sure that travellers know they're covered for unforeseen events on their travels around the world. Since 2001 they have been providing holidaymakers with comprehensive travel insurance which is competitively priced. Apart from their insurance being quick and easy to book, there are other extras thrown in that make holidaying that much safer and easier.

Cover for Stolen Goods, Illness and Cancellations

EssentialTravel offers all kinds of insurance for what-can-go-wrong possibilities, and good travel insurance policies mean that peace of mind in unknown, foreign countries. Choose from insurance such as Backpacker Insurance, Single- or Multi-trip insurance and much more - their wide range of policies are for travellers right up to 74 years of age and are designed to cover you for nasty events and surprises when you're far from home.

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