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About Easyroommate

Easy Roommate is a service that helps the process of finding rental accommodation, and someone to share a flat with. Over 5 million flat shares have been arranged to date. Landlords can post a room on the site which is then searchable through the interface.

The accommodation postings are all manually checked by the staff at Easy Roommate, ensuring that all postings are genuine, and transparent. Potential tenants can create a profile and give information about themselves. This increases the likelihood of them finding a roommate, and a place to live.

The search facility takes some key information from you to provide you with the most suitable results. You can give a price range, as well as location preferences, age and occupation. This will help you to be pared with similar roommates. Landlords have an equally simple form, on which they can give details of the number of rooms they have on offer, and the facilities they have.

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