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Established in 1995 EasyJet has become the United Kingdom’s largest airline. The airline achieved by responding to the demand of low-cost airfares from the travelling public. The company owes its rapid expansion since 1995 to the demand for low-cost air travel and a series of company acquisitions.
From its 24 bases, spread across Europe, the largest one being London Gatwick, EasyJet operates over 700 routes offering both international and domestic services to over 30 countries.
Easy jet and its associated company EasyJet Switzerland, operate over 200 aircraft, the majority of this fleet consisting of the Airbus 319.
With passenger numbers, reaching over 65 million people in 2014 EasyJet has become one of the largest low-cost carriers in Europe.
From its home base at London Luton airport, the company employs close to 11 million people. Some of these employees are based in countries throughout Europe, although the majority of them are based in the United Kingdom.

Experience of Austin, added on 1 july 2015

Pretty and friendly cabin crew, seats were ok for me, i'm pretty small :D. prices low, next time i fly with easyjet again.

Experience of R Terry, added on 5 may 2015

Boarding process quick, Staff on board very friendly, best low cost airline i know

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