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Funny T-shirts, Retro T-Shirts and Offensive T-shirts

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About Chargrilled

Chargrilled is a retailer of humorous, retro and sometimes offensive T-shirts. They are a bold and publicity-drawing company that has been featured in popular publications such as Loaded and Zoo magazines. The humour ranges from movie-themed puns to cheeky quips.

The apparel available isn't limited to T-shirts. You can also opt for hoodies, jumpers and vests. A kid's range is available featuring the same retro and humorous designs. The only thing omitted from the kid's garments is the offensive material, which is limited to the adult garments.

A community has grown amongst the customers of chargrilled. Hundreds of photos have been posted online of people showing off their purchases. Posting a picture gives you a chance of winning a free T-shirt. There is also a 20% discount available if you subscribe to the newsletter via the homepage.

The range of designs is extensive. All of the different subjects and styles make this a great site for gift ideas.

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