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About Bodychef

Working long hours, a new baby in the home, illness - you name it, the demand for fast-food delivered right to your door is growing in popularity. Some food delivery services stand out more than other because of the sheer quality of their services. Bodychef is like that with their flexible meals which cate for those desperately trying to lose weight. They deliver their proven calorie-controlled weight loss diet plans to customers all across the country.

Weight loss Made so Easy

Imagine the thrill of simply heating up a well-planned out meal and enjoying, Bodychef makes losing weight easy - just enter your weight details and they work out everything for you, customising your unique diet plan. The beauty about Bodychef is nothing is set in stone, and f you are out of town or you want to cancel your plan, giving 72 hours notice is all that is required.

Imagine no weighing food anymore, as with Bodychef your personalised meal plan is logged and clearly labelled so you know exactly when to eat and when to eat it. Fresh food with all the necessary nutrients to ensure health and vitality while you lose weight? With Bodychef you're a born loser, but for all the right reasons.

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