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Boxer shorts.

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About BjornBorg.com

In the few years Bjorn Borg clothing brand has been around it has turned successfully into a recognisable feature of the European fashion landscape. As expected from a trademark named after one of the best loved tennis stars of all times, the product lines are centred around leisure and sportswear – clothes made for movement, exercise and outdoor fun with elegant outline, reminiscent of Borg’s distinctly graceful presence on court. Comfort is a priority and materials and soft, breathable and lightweight. HydroBlock technology ensures protection via waterproof coating for perfectly dry and warm fabrics.

Male and female underwear ranges are especially popular. The colours and patterns vary from the classically tasteful grey, black and ink blue to checks and stripes and more decorative designs of flowery outlines and butterfly shapes in purple, red and garden green. The sports apparel – hooded tops, running jackets and tights are all enlivened by the addition of patches of vivid colours on the predominantly dark background. The collections bear the unmistakeable stamp of the tennis legend’s style – confident and ambitious, and with just a sprinkle of frivolity.

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