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Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, it has been a long time since Amazon was simply an on-line book store. Today one can buy anything from CDs to washing machines, groceries to musical instruments, power tools to clothing. And, of course, books.

The web site is simple and fast and the search engine good. In fact once one has registered with Amazon the whole ordering process is painless. The orders are fulfilled by either Amazon itself or one of its partners and the site makes it easy to compare prices. The customer reviews are often useful as are the buying suggestions, wish lists and so on. It is so much more than just a shop with audio and video streaming, cloud storage and the publishing phenomenon that is the Kindle and its related ebooks. The web site is backed up by fast distribution and a simple returns policy. Amazon has revolutionised online shopping.

Experience of Luke P, added on 4 may 2015

My favourite webshop. Fast, low prices and excellent customer service.

Experience of Linda Smith, added on 6 february 2015

I have 10 amazon gift cards, anyone interested? Please mail

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